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Suzanne W., Delaware, USA

“Marilyn is a really special Animal Communicator. She conveys both the soul information and personality aspects of my pets (cats) in a very balanced and caring way. Marilyn is able to be both accurate about my pet’s responses and compassionate to me in the way she explains information, especially in regards to illness and death. Her counseling background is certainly an asset in her ability to listen to both me and my pets and facilitate communication between us.

I think what is most amazing for me in receiving animal communication from Marilyn is that it is not just simple communication about what my cat wants me to know or what I want to convey to my cat. There is a depth to the communication that brings in the Soul level for both myself and my pets and allows me to shift my own self in deep ways through the process. I would not want to seek counsel from any other Animal Communicator – Marilyn is the best!”


Kerri-Anne F., PEI Canada

“Marilyn has had a major impact on the relationship my horse and I have. When I was struggling with how to help my horse overcome some of his troubles, she was able to answer all my questions by communicating with him. She was also wonderful to give suggestions and ideas on how to further our relationship and challenge it. She took the time to listen to me and my horse. The compassion she shows towards animals and wanting to help the animals be able to communicate with their owners is truly amazing. I would highly recommended Marilyn to communicate with your animal. I look forward to a follow up session with her and my horse in the near future.”


Natasha B., PEI, Canada

“I tend to be a skeptical person by nature and go into situations with my eyes open. A friend of mine had communicated with their companion animal through Marilyn Balderston so I thought I would try it and see what it was all about. I had Marilyn communicate with Addie, my three year old mare. During my session with Marilyn she took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. She was able to tell me things that she could only know through the words and/or visions Addie had given her. I received valuable answers to questions I had wondered in the three years since Addie came into my life. Answers to questions I would have never even thought to ask and the whole experience allowed my partnership with my mare to grow in ways I never dreamed possible. When you hear information that pure you know through your entire body that it is true…the skeptic was gone! I went into the session a skeptic seeking information about my horse, and I walked out a believer. During my session I learned a lot of information about myself that Addie shared with Marilyn. We are partners and with the help of Marilyn, Addie was able to give me valuable advice to crystallize an already strong bond!”


Madeleine K., Ontario Canada

“Marilyn Balderston is a most authentic, wise, caring and gifted animal whisperer. I was pained by feelings of loss and guilt following the release of my dear cat, Romeo, when a mutual friend recommended that I contact Marilyn. I was so happy about the opportunity to communicate with my dear animal friend and yet I underestimated the depths of the experience. Marilyn’s ability combined with her love of animals allowed a flow of information at the highest levels. My reading brought about an understanding not only about my cat’s wellbeing (and he is doing very well thank you), but also about the nature of reality. It is because of the insights gained in my reading that I am reaching new levels (new clearance levels – ha!) in my own life path, in my spiritual path, and in my service to humanity. As Romeo said, “[My] heart is balanced.” Thank you Marilyn!”

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