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Celia M., Il, USA

“Marilyn’s deep love and respect for All Life shine thru brilliantly, her gentleness and honoring nurture, cherish, support and soothe.”

Joy H
., WA, USA

“Marilyn’s way of connection and speaking on behalf of our own spirit guides helps anyone to hear the loving guidance and direction when self-doubt and ego influence causes us confusion. A session with spiral guidance is just the support and clarity that is needed to help us on our journey.”

M. Jane T.
, PEI, Canada

“I have been most fortunate to have received two Soul Readings from Marilyn that have given perspective and guidance in my life. Marilyn has a clear and beautiful connection with Spirit that provided answers to my burning questions and gave me great comfort and understanding. These answers came in written form in the most beautiful, compelling, and compassionate prose that touched my soul. Not only did these readings ring true at the time, but as I re-read them today I find that my life is, indeed, unfolding in the direction indicated. Marilyn herself is one of the kindest, most compassionate, gentle, and intuitive beings that I have met and her readings reflect her beautiful light. I highly recommend a Soul Reading from Marilyn to anyone who is on a spiritual path or who simply wishes to tap into the wisdom of Spirit for life’s persistent questions.”

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