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animal_1Animal Communication Consultations

Animal Communication Consultations provide an amazing opportunity to connect with your animal companions at a deeper level and stretch what you think is possible in your relationship. For humans, before we speak in words, we communicate in other ways. We sense feelings, we receive intuitive thoughts, we see flashes of images or we just know something even though we don’t know how we know it. This is called telepathic communication. Although, humans tend to lose this ability once social conditioning wants us to use words to communicate, this form of communication is how animals communicate with each other and with other species.

Marilyn connects telepathically with animals and asks permission to speak with them on your behalf. The animals send Marilyn pertinent information in the form of feelings, thoughts, images, words and pure knowings. Marilyn translates this information and shares it with you in understandable and meaningful ways. The animals will give Marilyn what she needs for you to receive the message your animal companion has intended you to hear. Your animal friend knows you the best and knows just the right way to share the information with Marilyn for your understanding. Marilyn utilizes her counselling background to assist the animals in transforming limiting beliefs, emotional traumas and stuck patterns that are causing them undue harm or suffering. It is important to mention, that animals, like people, determine how and when they shall deal with the issues we are addressing. Marilyn works with the animals to see how another perspective or different options may serve them better. However, it is for the animals choosing. In most cases, due to the depth of wisdom available to the animals, they easily chose the higher perspective and the more life-affirming actions.

animal_2Because the animals in our life love us so much and often feel they have purpose in supporting us at a deep level, the animals will find ways to become a mirror for us so that we may wake up to more healthy ways of being and relating with ourselves and with others. Their intelligence is beyond the confines of the 3rd dimensional world and truly, for those who are willing to open up to listen to what their Soul Friends, in animal bodies, have to say to them, great wisdom and blessings will be shared.

Animal communication can be very helpful in uncovering clues to behavior and health issues and when experiencing changes of any kind for your animal and in relation to your family. Consultations can offer compassionate support for both you and your beloved animal throughout the end-of-life transition process. As well, through a consultation, you can be with your animal companion who has transitioned to Spirit once again! And yet, even more is possible!

Your animal companions are with you throughout your life journey, embrace the opportunity to gain understanding on issues and situations in your life by tapping into the wisdom that exists within your animal friend’s unique perspective. You’ll be amazed by all they have to share with you for the highest good!

How Marilyn works is by receiving questions you have for your animal companion, along with the following information: Your full legal name, your animal’s name, age, sex, breed and a photo before your consultation. Before your meeting time, Marilyn takes some time to connect with your animal friend to get to know him or her on a personal level before the consultation begins. During the consultation, Marilyn will address as many questions as possible in your chosen specified time. In order to make the best of the communication time you have with your animal companion, it’s best to prioritize your questions. You can meet with Marilyn in person, by phone (you would phone Marilyn for the consultation) or by Skype. In your time together, Marilyn asks your questions to your animal friend, receive his or her answers and then shares the information she receives with you in real time. This is a very interactive process and it becomes like a conversation between the three of you. Marilyn is always happy to hear from you if you have any questions about the animal communication process.

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