Soul Speaks

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I asked a Dolphin Spirit Friend of mine, Anarond,  what she would like to share at this time and this is her  kind offering to us:

” Dear Ones, you are jewels in the sea of consciousness.  You hold a specific frequency, a specific light frequency that is unique and yet, it is shared.  Open your arms to Life Dear Ones and accept all the goodness that is available for you, starting with the Light.  Honor what has been, what is now and what will be and seek joy in all that you do.  These are monumental times and allow Joy to be your travelling companion on this journey of “Returning Home” while still in the body.  These are special days and we ask you to open up to the fullness of energies available.  

Celebrate the life you have and dream the life that calls you to Her.  Be clear on what you are asking to receive and then Trust.  Trust is your true work at this time Dear Ones.  Trust-in-action is the work at hand.  Love awaits your reply.”


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