Rose Flower Essence

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energy_2Rose Flower Essence Consultations

Flower Essences are a vibrational healing method in which the Soul Qualities of plants and flowers are imprinted upon pure water by the Sun’s concentrated energy. Flower Essences work at the Soul and emotional levels of our being and are vibrationally very gentle. In fact, they are known as “The Gentle Healers.” Each plant and flower has a specific soul Quality or Qualities and when you use a Flower Essence, a Soul quality is vibrationally matched to transform the opposite state of being or negative emotion. Rose is known to have the highest vibrational essence as the Rose Soul Quality is that of Love, Pure Unconditional Love.

A Rose Flower Essence offers you the opportunity to create emotional balance and a strong feeling of well-being while opening up to higher vibrational frequencies of the Soul which supports your unique human experience and your spiritual evolution.  In our time, we will explore emotional aspects you would like to transform.  Marilyn will recommend the appropriate Rose Flower Essence as your healing ally and create specific strategies that will support you through the healing process.  It’s also good to remember that Rose Flower Essence Consultations are a wonderful healing complement to any of the services that Marilyn offers.

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