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aboutMarilyn Balderston, a professionally qualified and skilled practitioner, is certified as a Counsellor, Teacher, Naturotherapist, Reiki Master, Akashic Records Pratitioner, Rose Flower Essence Practitioner and an Animal Communication Specialist. As a counselor and educator for the past 22 years, Marilyn has assisted thousands of people on their journey of life. Marilyn has walked her path with Spirit and has also trained extensively in the Healing Arts. With a wide range of education, training, and certifications, Marilyn brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into every consultation with the intention that you receive the most in-depth and meaningful experience possible.

Marilyn has had a lifelong love of animals. She always had the knowing that animals are intelligent sentient beings who are our equals, our friends, our teachers, our guides and our Soul companions. With some ingenuity and gentle pushes from her animal companions, it was a natural evolution in Marilyn’s Soul work to include communicating with the animals in her life and lives of others. Marilyn connects with the animals at the Soul level, and with their permission, listens to the animals Soul Wisdom and the information they want their people to know, always in their highest good. It is Marilyn’s heart’s joy to serve both humans and animals at The Spirit Well.


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